thank you

2016-12-20 22:19:15 by WackyCarson

thank you every one who request all of this pixel art versions of your chacrters i never knew my "career'" (proably spelt that wrong) would shoot off i thought i would just be makeing art for my self i never knew i would be making art for other pepole to :'). i thought i was bad at pixel art but then EVERY one loved it i was so happy. i just want to make money off of it but i dont like charging pepole for art requests unless it was like 1$ each request. so what do you guys think sould i charge pepole or not? my only problem pepole are going to look at me as a 11 yr old and wouldnt pay for art

Hi guys recently ive run in to a spanish speaking artist i love and he translates every thing into english and i thought why dont i do that just vise versa so i did and i have google translate up 24/7 for when i type becuse im also learning spanish in my school to. so how do you like it are there any others you whould like me to translate??

Hola chicos ive Recientemente temblor en hablar con un artista español Me encanta cada cosa y que se traduce Inglés y pensé ¿por qué En No hago los que sólo por lo que hice y viceversa tengo traductor Google hasta 24/7 para cuando el tipo i becuse im Cung en mi escuela para aprender español. ¿qué le parece que hay más de cualquier otro que whould como yo para traducir ??

Free drawings for all. Dibujos gratis para todos.

2016-11-05 18:15:06 by WackyCarson

Hello Guys its WackyCarson here i from now on with be doing free drawing like my Angle of darkness drawing one side of a face. it can be you face you own character or just a game or movie character

i am soooo excited for this so can you please give me some tips on how to do better im my drawings

one more thing a "Angle Of Emotion" Is coming your way and also Sans Glowing eye.


Hola chicos su WackyCarson aquí i de ahora en adelante con hacer dibujo libre como mi Ángulo de oscuridad dibujo un lado de una cara. Puede ser que te enfrentes a tu propio personaje o simplemente un personaje de juego o película

Estoy muy emocionado por esto, así que puede por favor darme algunos consejos sobre cómo hacer mejor im mis dibujos

Una cosa más un "ángulo de la emoción" está llegando a su manera y también sin ojos brillantes


Free drawing for all

2016-11-05 18:02:05 by WackyCarson

Hello peeps its yo boy Wacky here and I am now doing drawings like my Angle Of darkness where it's one side of a face so if you are interested mail me what you want me to draw you any game characters/movie and also your very own face... Btw you have to tell me what you look like if you want me to draw your face I can't just guess  lol anyways you don't have to pay me it's free but warning if it takes up a lot of my time I might start charging but right now it's free 

One more thing I have a sans and angle of emotions coming your way 

im back

2016-10-05 14:51:01 by WackyCarson

ive decided to use this accout agian so yeah i need to make up my mind